What is RestorFX?

RestorFX is a professionally-applied refinishing clear coat restoration system that restores a vehicle’s clear coat to a like-new state. RestorFX is a two-part, chemically adhering and self-leveling process. It is a unique and innovative product that will provide your team with a dynamic competitive edge in the automotive refinishing industry and provide your customers with lasting value. RestorFX is a permanent solution, which will leave your customers satisfied for years after it is applied.

The RestorFX Paint System is not a typical automotive touch up paint! Our unique and proprietary system results in a beautiful, smooth and well-blended finish that your clients will enjoy for years to come. RestorFX is very different than most products on the market that get sprayed or wiped on to cover up and hide damage.

RestorFX is the most advanced and most efficient clear coat scratch remover in the market. Our product repairs scratches, scuffs, dings, road rash, divots, paint chips and other clear coat imperfections. Large-scale clear coat scratch repairs are made without spending hours on a buffing wheel, allowing you more time to repair more cars.

We truly have the #1 automotive clear coat restorative product in the market and we are eager to share it’s brilliance with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in purchasing RestorFX for your own small fleet of personal vehicles, if you’re an auto detail shop, or a used vehicle sales manager seeking to obtain the most value out of your inventory. Contact us for more information regarding our business opportunities with RestorFX!

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