How RestorFX Changed My Life (Guest Post, RestorFX Austin)

RestorFX has transformed my life in the best way possible.

I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of 14, my parents bravely decided to make a huge change to better our family and immigrated to Israel. Living in a new country and having to speak a new language was a challenge. I was forced to figure things out on my own and make a new life for myself. I suppose that big change at a young age forged an adventurous spirit within myself.

As a young adult, I got the bug to travel again to a new country and off I went to the United States. I fell in love with the country and came back for summer vacation several years in a row. On my third visit, I met my wife Emily and we put roots down in Austin, TX. After several years in Austin, constantly seeing all the possibilities that come with living in the U.S., I started dreaming of one day becoming my own boss and running a business. I kept thinking about what kind of business I could open.

In 2016 my father called me, telling me about his friend’s car that had transformed from this product called RestorFX. He was so amazed and impressed by the product, he encouraged me to find out more about it so I could possibly get this treatment done on my then really rough-looking Honda Civic. While I wasn’t able to help my Civic (sadly it was too far gone), I became as enthralled with RestorFX as my dad had–except I took it to a new level and started thinking about building a RestorFX Center.

RestorFX provided me with a tremendous amount of opportunity. My wife and I secured a RestorFX license and opened up our Center in August 2017. The company and product has allowed me to live out my dream of becoming a business owner; but I couldn’t have done it without the support of the RestorFX International team. They truly want all of their licensees to succeed. Not only is RestorFX itself a unique, cutting-edge product that allows my shop to offer something no one else in Austin does; they are constantly looking to the future and continue to be innovative in the automotive industry.

I’m now part of an international family of people, while still having the freedom to live out my dreams. We have now processed more than 1,300 cars in our shop and are really excited about the future. RestorFX offers a huge amount of value to our customers, and we realize it now more than ever during COVID19 that they rely on us to get their cars looking brand new.

We are very grateful to be a part of the RestorFX family!

Yev Schupak
Royal Auto Finishes