Introducing the new RestorFX Website!

It has been a tremendous year for RestorFX, and we’d like to use our inaugural blog post to give thanks to the many partners and contributors that have helped make this year such a success. We thank you! We look forward to a new year filled with new opportunities and strengthened relationships.

As our company mission states, we bring innovation and technology to the automotive industry, inspiring businesses to grow beyond their traditional confines. Through our business practices and actions, we remind those we encounter that principles and relationships are not to be lost in the bottom line. They are the bottom line.

As part of our commitment to the industry, our partners, and end-customers, we’ve made a significant investment in our brand this year. Our goal is to align our image and our story with the truly unparalleled value of our technology. This may start with a logo and a new corporate identity, but it means so much more to us. It’s about delivering on our core purpose as a company. We are in the business of delivering the most efficient, permanent, and innovative technology and products on the market—with the goal of bringing the automotive detailing and refinishing industry to the leading edge. We do this by focusing on intelligent, smart tools that improve the industry, drive innovation, and provide incredible value and satisfaction to customers.

Today, as part of our brand investment, we are very excited to announce the launch of our new website! Our website has been completely revitalized to deliver more detailed information about our company, our products, and our unique partnership opportunities. We hope that the website, along with new our blog, will serve as a resource and a forum for you to continually leverage to stay in touch and stay informed.

We are truly excited to connect with you. Let’s make 2014 a great year!

With gratitude,

The RestorFX corporate team

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