Repair and Protect Your Vehicle Throughout the Seasons

With fall in full swing and thoughts of winter just around the corner now is the perfect time to reverse the damage accumulated from summer’s harsh elements.  Sun, sand, salt from the sea, road grease, bugs, bird droppings, smog and other elements are harmful to the exterior paint finish on your vehicle.  They can deteriorate the clear coat and take the shine and luster from your paint’s finish.  In addition to summer’s corrosion winter is coming soon and protecting your car from the season’s nasty conditions should be at the top of your list.

It is essential to rid all warm weather damage and anticipate the effects of the cold weather on your vehicle’s paint finish.  Having a layer of protection between your vehicle’s paint finish and the snow, salt, slush and mud is worth thousands of dollars in preserving the value of your car.  By preparing your car for the winter you can effectively anticipate a sense of relief when you wash away the last of winter’s aftermath in the springtime.  Preventative measures not only make your car look brand new again, they prolong the life of your vehicle and preserve the resale value.